Bro. Harold Witmer

The most unforgettable character that I have ever met

By Bobby Greenwood, Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 10.24 PM


 Year’s ago, “Reader’s Digest” had a popular segment called “The most unforgettable character that I have ever met.”  Well folks, Brother Harold is indeed that man in my life.  As I write this part of my experiences with Bro. Harold, I am already looking forward to reading this book about his life.


Leaving the PGA Tour after 7 years, returning back home to Cookeville, Tennessee, I would teach at the Tennessee Golf Academy just to be able to be with my two children for a week.  They were ages 8 and 6 years old at that time.


PGA professional Jack Wall was a dear friend of Bro. Harold.  And, Jack met me at the Tennessee Golf Academy which was held at Fall Creek Falls State Park.  Jack was an excellent golf instructor as well as an intense student of the game.  He saw my knowledge of the golf swing and offered me 25% of his golf company if I would teach at Benchcraft Golf Co. one day a week.  So, I would drive to Nashville and spend the night at the Benchcraft Golf Co. which was located on Church Street and be ready to teach the next morning.  Some days I would give 10-12 lessons.


One of Jack Wall’s many talents was his ability to network people.  He would bring people to gather and they would sometime accomplish great things.


Jack introduced me to Bro. Harold and the rest is history.  We would leave the hustle and bustle of Benchcraft Golf Co. and go out back in the alley by the dumpster and talk.  One of my few talents is my ability to identify greatness in people.  I was immediately intrigued by the honest sincerity of the man.  Of course, I could tell that he truly loved the Lord but I had no idea of the magnitude of this love.  He was completely sold out to Jesus.  His whole life is doing the work of the Father for the Kingdom.  I was to learn that Bro. Harold is the most generous, giving and forgiving man that I have ever known.  In short, Harold Witmer is the finest Christian man that I have ever known!


Jack and I would take Bro. Harold to our golf clinics and various outings to the Bahamas and State Parks. He became our official Golf Chaplain for Benchcraft Golf Co.  In the Bahamas, there on the beach, Easter Sunrise service, many people heard the saving power of Jesus Christ. It was great!


Through the years and our travels together, I have learned so much about how to learn to love God and obey His commandments.  I am a better Christian man because of being with Bro. Harold.  Thank you Jack Wall and God, not necessarily in that order, for putting Bro. Harold in my life!


I will share one story with you about his boldness in the Lord. 


One year, I qualified to play in the Senior PGA Championship held at Laurel Valley Country Club at Ligonier, Pennsylvania.  I played a practice round with the great Arnold Palmer and after the round we went in the luxurious clubhouse to have lunch.  We were eating with the world leaders in the golf industry and Bro. Harold just resting in the Lord and so relaxed.  After lunch we made our way through the large crowd of spectators on our way to the practice range.  I brought Bro. Harold through ropes and he began talking with several pros as I continued to hit range balls. The next thing I knew, a hush fell over the crowd as Bro. Harold had a circle of pros engaged in prayer.  Later I learned that Chi Chi Rodriguez had requested that Bro. Harold lift a curse off him that was put then by another golf pro.


Chi Chi and Doug Sanders became life long friend with my dear friend Bro. Harold.


I could tell you of how Bro. Harold became publisher of Tennessee’s first golf publication or the many trips that he took with Jack Wall and myself on our various golf clinics and vacations but, that would take another book. 


Just for the record, may I say right now… To be a Christian partner and friend to Bro. Harold is a great honor for me.  Without his help through the years, I would never have been inducted into Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame. God bless you my brother.


Please just let me thank Brother Harold Witmer for being God’s servant and my dear friend.

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Bobby Greenwood: 1965 & 1968 Sunnehanna Amateur Champion

Bobby Greenwood was honored at the 55th Annual Sunnehanna Amateur Tournament of Champions, Johnstown, PA. He was presented a special sport coat at a banquet held at Sunnehanna prior to the 2008 Amateur tournament.

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Sunnehanna Amateur: Greenwood just missed seeing mark fall

The Tribune-Democrat

Published: June 08, 2008 12:10 am   

On Wednesday, Bobby Greenwood presented the borrowed putter he had used to establish the Sunnehanna Country Club record for a low round in 1965.

Greenwood, 69, of Cookeville, Tenn., was in Johnstown as an honored guest in conjunction with the 55th Sunnehanna Amateur Tournament for Champions.

In one of local golf’s great ironies, soon after Greenwood returned home this weekend, his 43-year-old record 63 round had been broken by Zach Sucher, who shot a 9-under-par 61 during Saturday’s third round of the Amateur.

“Beautiful,” Greenwood said, when reached by phone in Cookeville. “I had somewhere around 30 course records. This was the last course record that hadn’t been broken. It took 43 years to break it. With the technology and the new ball, every single one of my course records have fallen. This was the last one to go. I’m thrilled and happy. I wish I would have been there to witness it.

“I’m happy for the young man who did it,” Greenwood added. “If he has as much fun with his 61 as I had with my 63, he’s going to have a great future.”

Greenwood established the record during the second round en route to his victory in the 1965 Sunnehanna Amateur. He set the mark in unorthodox fashion.

Greenwood’s luggage and clubs were lost by an airline, so he borrowed woods from club member Jack Vanyo, irons from head professional John Goettlicher and a putter from course superintendent Joe Harlow.

He shot a first-round 70.

When his own clubs arrived the next day, Greenwood continued to use the borrowed putter during his record round of 63.

Bob Zender tied the mark during the second round in 1971, when he also was the overall winner. Lee Williams again tied the record during the third round in 2002, and Michael Sim repeated the feat during the second round three years ago while winning the Amateur after a five-hole playoff.

“I didn’t know the record,” Sucher said after his 61. “I thought it was somewhere around there but I didn’t know I had it by two.”

Greenwood, his wife, Elma, and their 9-year-old daughter Viola attended a banquet held at Sunnehanna prior to the Amateur last week. He was presented a special sports coat.

“A new record will help the tournament,” Greenwood said. “I remember the headlines when I shot 63. The headline was ‘Wow, a 63 at Sunnehanna.’ I’m looking forward to seeing this headline.”

Source: The Tribune-Democrat, Johnstown, PA

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Bobby Greenwood on Wikipedia

Bobby Greenwood has been recently added on Wikipedia with other American professional golfers!

Please click the link below for details:

Congratulations Bobby!




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In Memory of Robert Wayne “Bobby” Nichols

Bobby Greenwood & Bobby Nichols

Remembering an old friend that has just gone on to be with the Lord, Bobby Nichols from Cookeville, Tennessee, will be greatly missed by the Tennessee Section of the PGA.

 I’ll miss you my brother…. God speed.

 by: Bobby Greenwood, PGA

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Greenwood: Three-Timer!

Bobby Greenwood was inducted into the Riverside Military Academy on October 13, 2007 in Gainesville, Georgia during the Centennial Celebrations. He was chosen as one of the ten charter members of the school’s All-Sports Hall of Fame. This is Bobby’s 3rd Hall of Fame Induction!!!  This followed the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame on September 5, 2007  & UNT Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.

He was also a 3-time NCAA All-American!

We are proud of you… Congratulations!


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Overton County News: State Golf Hall of Fame adds new members

State Golf Hall of Fame adds new members

Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame will receive four new members.

Tennessee Golf Foundation approved the induction of Ann Baker Furrow, Connie Day (posthumously), Joe Campbell, and Bobby Greenwood. The induction of Furrow, and Day will be held in Maryville during the 2007 Tennessee Women’s Amateur Championship. The date and location for Greenwood and Campbell’s induction is not yet determined.

Bobby Greenwood was introduced to golf at Cookeville Country Club at the age of 12. During the 1960s there was no better amateur player in Tennessee.

Greenwood won the 1966 State Amateur and the 1968 State Open, becoming the third of eight golfers to accomplish this double. Greenwood became one of seven players to win the Sunnehanna Amateur multiple times, winning the event in 1965 and 1968. Golf Magazine ranked him among the nation’s Top 10 amateurs twice.

From 1969 through 1975, he played on the PGA Tour. He made 72 cuts, six Top 10 finishes, and fifteen Top 25s.

Greenwood served as director of golf at Sawgrass Country Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, a design coordinator for Golden Bear International, president of his own golf course architectural firm, and the designer with Kevin Tucker of Fairfield Glade’s Dorchester course. He was editor-in-chief of one of Tennessee’s first golf publications, Nifty Knicker, and a partner in a golf school operation and a discount golf shop.

Ann Baker Furrow greatly affected Tennessee golf on and off the course. Furrow was a five time Tennessee Women’s Amateur Champion with victories in the event spanning nearly 20 years.

Along with her championships, Furrow placed second in the 1962 USGA Amateur Championship. She was recognized as the top-ranked junior golfer in the United States.

She is the first female to participate in a men’s varsity sport at University of Tennessee. She competed for the team in 1964 and 1965.

In 1991, she played a major role in the establishment of a varsity women’s golf team at UT. Through her dedication to the program, she was able to raise more than $2 million toward fully endowing the team.

Connie Day was a lifelong resident of Cleveland and a 4-time champion and a 3-time runner-up in the Tennessee Women’s Amateur Championship. In 1993, she claimed the State Senior Amateur Championship.

She was recognized as one of the top female amateurs in the country by Golf Digest in 1966, and appeared on the cover of Golf World Magazine in April 1967. She was exempt from qualifying for the U.S. Women’s Open for two years, and was an alternate on the Curtis Cup team in 1966 and 1970.

Connie Day passed away August 30, 2002.

Before joining the PGA Tour in 1959, Joe Campbell established one of the nation’s most outstanding amateur golf records. Campbell was a standout golfer and basketball player at Purdue University. He won the 1955 NCAA Championship, along with the 1956, and 1957 Big Ten Conference Championships.

A win at the prestigious Sunnehanna Amateur in 1955 added to his impressive golf resume. Campbell competed in the Masters in 1956, 1957, and 1958 as an amateur.

After college, Campbell made his home in Knoxville.

During his 8-year career on the PGA Tour, he made 103 Top 25s, 43 Top 10s, and won three tournaments. He received Golf Digest’s Rookie of the Year Award in 1959.

From 1965 to 1972 Campbell won five State PGA titles. In the 1965 State Open, he set a record shooting 204, 12 under par, breaking the previous low of 207.

Campbell became the golf professional at Knoxville’s Whittle Springs in 1967 and remained there in 1974 before moving back to Indiana.

For more information on the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame call (615) 790-7600 or visit the Golf House website at

Source: Overton County News

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Greenwood’s RMA Hall of Fame Induction

Greenwood named to academy’s hall of fame

By Ed Greif /

Long-time PGA professional Bobby Greenwood was inducted into the Riverside Military Academy Hall of Fame recently in Gainesville, GA, as part of the school’s centennial celebration.


“So, when I was contacted by Colonel Guy Gardner, former space astronaut and superintendent of Riverside Military Academy that this year, 2007, was the Centennial Celebration for the school and I was to be one of the 10 to be inducted as charter members of the Sports Hall of Fame, I was surprised, but rather puzzled. You see RMA has always been a powerhouse school in athletics,” said Greenwood, who was also inducted into the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame on Sept. 5.

“The year that I attended RMA, 1957, I can recall 10 cadets that were better athletes than I was at school that year. But, I’ll take it,” Greenwaod added. “Then, Sept 5 of this year, I was inducted into the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame — another overwhelming experience. This award coming from my peers in Tennessee golf was indeed quite a surprise and also overwhelming.

“Being inducted into the North Texas University Sports Hall of Fame in 2002 was quite an honor for me. Especially when, after 40 years, all my teammates showed for the induction ceremony.”
Greenwood played three sports at RMA.

He was a third baseman/left fielder on the baseball team in 1957, when he batted .380 with a school record 10 home runs, and played point guard for the basketball team, averaging 20.1 points per game.
Greenwood played either number one or number two on the golf team.

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Bobby Greenwood at the RMA Sports Hall of Fame Museum. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame recently.

Published: October 18, 2007 06:00 pm   

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Cookeville golf pro named to state Hall of Fame


Published: September 19, 2007 11:37 am, CROSSVILLE, TN

Cookeville golf pro named to state Hall of Fame


Long-time professional golfer Bobby Greenwood of Cookeville was inducted into the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame on Sept. 5 at Holston Country Club in Knoxville.

“It’s overwhelming. I’m speechless,” Greenwood said to the Herald-Citizen. “The biggest honor is to be inducted with Joe Campbell. I’ll take it. God is great. I’m speechless.”
His long-time friend Bobby Nichols, who is the golf coach at Tennessee Tech, introduced Greenwood, who will also be inducted into the Riverside Military Academy’s All-Sports Hall of Fame later this year. This will be his third hall of fame induction.

“We have been friends for many years and we grew up together,” remarked Nichols. “I’ve watched his game progress through the years. I know what king of player he was back then and how good he was. He is a great man. He’s done all the things you need to do to be in the hall of fame. It is a great honor for him to receive this award and a great honor for me to present it to him.

“I’ve learned so much from him. I think it’s good for someone from Cookeville to be inducted into the golf hall of fame. It’s a great honor,” added Nichols.

“It’s overwhelming. The most important thing to me are people and people who came from El Paso, TX and Melbourne, FL and from South Carolina to be here. It was so moving. I had a great speech all ready and I got so tore up I couldn’t say too much. It tugs at your heart-strings. One time I was about ready to cry and I thought ‘This can’t happen,'” added Greenwood.

Bobby Greenwood was introduced to golf at Cookeville Country Club at the age of twelve. During the 1960s there was no better amateur player in Tennessee. Greenwood won the 1966 State Amateur and the 1968 State Open, becoming the third of eight golfers in history to accomplish this double.

Greenwood became one of seven players to win the Sunnehanna Amateur multiple times, winning the event in 1965 and 1968, setting the course record in 1965 with a 72-hole record of 269 and course record 63 in the second round. Golf Magazine ranked him among the nation’s Top 10 amateurs twice. A three-time NCAA All-American at North Texas State University, Bobby was selected to play on the 10-man Texas Cup Team in 1964. Bobby was inducted into the UNT Hall of Fame in 2002.

He qualified for the PGA Tour in 1969, tying Johnny Miller for third place, and played the PGA Tour for seven years, from 1969 through 1975. He made seventy-two cuts, six top 10 finishes and 15 Top 25s while also winning the 1970 Rhode Island Open while on the Tour.

After leaving the Tour, Greenwood served as director of golf at Sawgrass Country Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and was the Host pro for two Tournament Players Championships at Sawgrass; a design coordinator for Golden Bear International; president of his own golf course architectural firm and the designer of the Dorchester course at Fairfield Glade; editor-in-chief of one of Tennessee’s first golf publications, “The Nifty Knicker,” and a partner in a golf school operation and a discount golf shop in Nashville. Greenwood won over 150 tournaments in his career.

Editor’s note: Buddy Pearson, managing editor of the Herald-Citizen, contributed to this story.

Source: Crossville Chronicle

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Bobby Greenwood, left, is introduced at the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame ceremonies by Bobby Nichols.

Bobby Greenwood, left, is joined by fellow Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame inductee Joe Campbell.

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Excerpt from Robinson Open Article (PGA Tour)

Published: August 11, 2007 11:49 pm        

Rub of the Green: Memories of Robinson Open are not forgotten

By Bob Arnett
Tribune-Star Correspondent

When the tournament proper began it was ’71 champ, Labron Harris, out in front along with David Graham and 23-year-old Tom Kite, all with 66’s. As the halfway cut came at 143, five pros were in a logjam that included: Bobby Greenwood, Grier Jones, Dean Beman, Babe Hiskey and Charles Coody. By the end of the third round, co-leaders were Beman, Dick Rhyan and Charles Courtney with 204 totals. A young Andy North was two shots back.

For complete article, please click HERE


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