Memories: University of North Texas Athletic Hall of Fame 2002

Memories: University of North Texas Athletic Hall of Fame 2002

Bobby Greenwood was inducted to the Athletic Hall of Fame on November 2, 2002, at the University of North Texas (formerly North Texas State University) in Denton, Texas. He was inducted with other four inductees, namely: Bill Blakely, Barry Moore, G. A. Moore, and Dee Walker.

[EXCERPT from North Texas Athletics – Mean Green History:
“BOBBY GREENWOOD – Greenwood was a three-time letter winner in golf at North Texas from 1961-63, helping lead the Eagles to three consecutive Missouri Valley Conference championships. As a senior, he led the Eagles to the NCAA championship tournament in 1963, when North Texas placed third. Greenwood received honorable mention All-America honors as a sophomore in 1961 and was a first-team All-America as a junior and senior.”
-Source: North Texas Athletics: Mean Green History,

“University of North Texas, Athletic Hall Of Fame – BOBBY GREENWOOD 2002

In the early 1960’s, Bobby Greenwood was instrumental in enhancing North Texas’s stature as a collegiate golf powerhouse when he led the Eagles to three consecutive Missouri Valley Conference championships while earning All-American recognition all three years he was on the team.

As a sophomore in 1961, Greenwood won the Southwest Recreation Championship and earned honorable mention All-American honors.

The next year he was named second team All-American and in 1963 as a senior, Greenwood won the Southern Intercollegiate Championship and was named to the NCAA’s first team All-American team.

Since earning a Business Administration degree from North Texas in 1964, Greenwood has enjoyed a lifelong association with the game of golf, including playing as a PGA Tour professional from 1969-1975.

He won more than 150 amateur and pro tournaments during his playing career, including the Rhode Island Open Championship (while he was on the PGA Tour), the Tennessee Open Championship and the Tennessee Senior PGA Championship three times.
He served as the Director of Golf at the Sawgrass Country Club in Florida, which hosts The Players Championship, and has been active in golf course designing since 1978.

At the time of his induction, Greenwood was president of the Greenwood-Clifton Golf Design Group in Deltona, Florida.”
– Transcribed by Elma Greenwood, Cookeville, Tennessee, October 31, 2003.]

[EXCERPT from Herald-Citizen, Cookeville, TN, December 19, 2002:
Greenwood inducted into North Texas Hall of Fame
By Buddy Pearson, Herald-Citizen Staff

It’s been almost 40 years since Cookeville golfing legend Bobby Greenwood played golf at the University of North Texas, yet the school located in Denton, Texas, still remembers the impact Greenwood had on the program. In a ceremony held recently at UNT, Greenwood was inducted into the North Texas Athletic Hall of Fame.
Greenwood and four other inductees were the 2002 recipients of the University of North Texas Sports Hall of Fame awards and were honored during enshrinement. They each received a plaque and a Hall of Fame ring at the Hall of Fame Breakfast.

“North Texas is a big school and they treated me so nice, giving me the ring and the plaque at the breakfast,” Greenwood said. “North Texas is a great golf school. For me to get voted into the Hall of Fame is humbling. There are other players who should be in it before me, but I’ll take it.

A three-time NCAA All-American, Greenwood is the only First Team NCAA All-America in the school’s history. During his years at North Texas, the Eagles won three consecutive Missouri Valley Conference Titles.

Greenwood was selected by the NCAA Golf Coaches Association to play in the North-South All-Star matches in his senior year. And, he was also selected to the Prestigious 10-member Texas Cup Team in 1964.

“The greatest thing about it to me was that after 40 years, all my teammates decided to show up for my induction,” Greenwood explained. “I think there was one guy who didn’t show up and nobody knew where he was.”

In his rookie year on the PGA Tour, Greenwood was selected as “Champions Choice” to play in the Colonial Invitational Tournament in Ft. Worth, Texas. Past champions of the Colonial Tournament vote on the rookie to receive a sponsor’s exemption to play.

After spending seven years on the PGA Tour, Greenwood served as Director of Golf at Sawgrass Country Club, home of The Players Championship and most recently Head Professional at Suntree Country Club, a 36-hole Resort and home of the Suncoast Senior Golf Classic.

Greenwood, who currently resides in Cookeville with his wife Elma and daughter Viola, spends his time as a golf-course architect and also gives lessons on a limited basis.

Other than the induction ceremonies, Greenwood doesn’t get back to Denton much to watch any of the Mean Green sports teams, particularly basketball. But he will get a chance to see his alma mater play on Saturday when Tennessee Tech takes on North Texas at 7 p.m. at Eblen Center.

So, who will Greenwood be rooting for?

“I love Tennessee Tech,” Greenwood said. “There’s a different feeling about North Texas and the Missouri Valley Conference. I had a great experience out there and I love Texas people — they are positive and encourage you. I really had a great time there and was successful but Tennessee Tech is my hometown team.”

– Source: Herald-Citizen, December 19, 2002, 3:06 PM CST]

*Personal recollections of Bobby Greenwood.

Former PGA Tour Player
Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame
PGA of America Life Member

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Memories: “My Caddies”

Memories: “MY CADDIES”

From Bobby Greenwood, PGA:

“During my seven years playing the PGA Tour (1969-1975), I would usually just pick up someone at the tournament site to be my caddy, usually in the parking lot when I first arrived. My preference was a young college student that was strong and hopefully loved golf.

Back in the 1970s on the PGA Tour, caddies would be required to shag balls on the practice range. This could be a dangerous situation because there were always 30-45 players warming up for their round; sure enough, one day I noticed my caddy staggering around, he was out about 200 yards away. He had been hit!

Sometimes I would get an exceptionally good and knowledgeable caddy.

LARRY ADAMSON and I met at the Robinson Open in Illinois. Larry was a High School teacher and he coached the basketball team. Larry was a great guy and he loved golf. He later worked for the USGA and became their Director of Championships. After I left the Tour, I asked Larry to make an appearance at Suntree Country Club, Melbourne, Florida while I was Director of Golf. I introduced Larry to my membership (36-hole resort with 1,650 members at Suntree). He was very interesting and a huge success.

[EXCERPT from Suntree In Review article: “United States Golf Association official Larry Adamson shared his various experiences working with the U.S. Open, U.S. Amateur, Senior U.S. Open, and other USGA tournaments during a March 3 ‘cracker barrel’ session in the Cabana Room (at Suntree CC in Melbourne, Florida).

The cracker barrel sessions were started in February by Suntree golf pro Bobby Greenwood and are designed to provide ‘a night of fellowship for members to get together with the pros and enjoy each other’s company,’ Greenwood said.

Greenwood and Adamson are golf buddies and met ‘in 1970 when Larry was a high school basketball coach and teacher. He brought his high school team to caddy at a tournament I was playing in and when they needed an extra caddy, they asked Larry. So, he was assigned to me and that is how we started our friendship,’ Greenwood said.”

-Source: Suntree In Review, by Vicky Valley, Melbourne, FL, March 1990.]


GEORGE WATERHOUSE was another great caddy as a young boy and he followed the Tour and caddied for me for a couple of months. George later became a famous General Surgeon in Charlotte, North Carolina. I always knew that George would be a great man someday. George was a valued friend and supporter.

TOM McKENZIE caddied for me in the 1972 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, California. It’s a good thing I had an excellent caddy here because the conditions were tough to play, high winds, etc. Tom was older and smarter than me and he loved the Lord. He must have been praying because I was in 12th place after three rounds. I was paired with Masters Champ George Archer and British Open Champ Tony Jacklin in the final round. Tom McKenzie was a good friend in my time of need.

[EXCERPT from Tom McKenzie’s personal letter dated February 19, 2020: “I treasure memories of the US Open at Pebble Beach, nearly 48 years ago. I have been involved with Golf and Caddies since 1963. I can truly say that caddying for you at the US Open was my FAVORITE experience of all time. To make the cut, and be a part of the final round of the National Championship with you, a Christian influenced me forever!!!

You mentored me even from this distance and I love you for all the encouragement you continually provide.”]


JIM BASS was a professional caddy and I think we joined forces in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He was a character, very intelligent and a good sense of humor. Jim is now at the world-famous Kiawah Island Club in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. I still hear from these great guys from time to time. When I was inducted into the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame in 2007, several of my closest friends showed up. One was Jim who had driven from South Carolina to Knoxville just to be there. Thanks Jim…

[EXCERPT from Jim Bass’ personal comment on a photo posted via Facebook dated January 10, 2010: “Bobby Greenwood’s induction into Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame. The first PGA Tour Player I ever caddied for. Magnolia Classic 1970 Hattiesburg, MS.”]


In the heat of the battle, you think back in wonder, how did I treat my caddies?

DON ANDERSON was a strong supporter and loyal friend as my caddy in the Tennessee Open. I really liked Don a lot and we had a serious man to man working relationship. I feel he helped me win the Tennessee State Open tournament.

[EXCERPT from Nashville Banner: “The winning team, caddy Don Anderson and player Bobby Greenwood at work in winning the Tennessee Golf Association Open championship at Old Hickory. The two met several years ago at McCabe and Anderson, a brick laborer by trade, has carried for Greenwood in this area ever since. The pair cake-walked to the championship Sunday with a five-under-par 67 and a 54-hole total 208, eight strokes better than the nearest contestant.”

-Source: Nashville Banner, “GREENWOOD, HELPED BY CADDY, EASY WINNER”, May 13, 1968.]


The late great BOBBY NICHOLS was my first caddy at the Cookeville Country Club when we were both teenagers. I helped Bobby with his game and he and I later played the Tour at the same time in the 1970s. Bobby also won the Tennessee Open and I picked him to play in the first Tennessee Challenge Cup Matches at Old Hickory Country Club in 1968. Bobby Nichols was a kind Christian man… I miss talking golf with him.

FREDDIE NELSON was one of my favorite caddies at the Cookeville Country Club. Freddie was the same sweet, soft-spoken gentleman that he is today as our current Putnam County Trustee. My grandmother, Viola Simrell Greenwood, would always be so happy when Freddie and Bobby Nichols would come home with me to eat some good home cooking at lunch time.

There was one caddy that was most important to the development of my golf game. His name was JERE MAXWELL. Jere was a local boy from Cookeville and we grew up together. Jere had a great sense of humor, and he kept me relaxed so I could play better. He was very loyal and smart and became one of my best friends.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Jere and I would hitchhike to tournaments in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama to play the ‘fried chicken circuit.’ We had great fun.

Jere Maxwell helped me with the most important part of playing competitive tournament golf… the mental game.

I shall look forward to seeing Jere and others in heaven someday soon.

Nowadays, playing golf on the PGA Tour is a team effort. You have a swing coach, a physical trainer, a psychological mind coach, a caddy, and hopefully a good supportive and loving wife. This is a difficult thing to put together… but don’t leave home without it! 🙂

Please let me say THANK YOU to ALL the Caddies that have caddied for me throughout all the years. Wish I had the mind to remember you all.”

*Personal recollections of Bobby Greenwood, August 20, 2020.

Former PGA Tour Player
Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame
PGA of America Life Member

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Memories: NCAA College Golf (3-time All-American)

Memories: NCAA COLLEGE GOLF (3-Time All-American)

From Bobby Greenwood, PGA:

“NCAA College Golf has really grown in the last few decades. But who had the best golf team in the nation in 1963? It was North Texas State University (now University of North Texas) in Denton, Texas. I am truly amazed that several great players would arrive at NTSU and play at the same time, 1963.

NTSU finished 3rd in the NCAA tournament that year so why do I think North Texas was #1?

In 1963, we defeated the NCAA Champion Oklahoma State University six times prior to the season ending NCAA National Championship. In so doing, NTSU won the #2 ranked college tournament, the Southern Intercollegiate in Athens, Georgia. We also won the South-West Recreational in Fort Worth, Texas; the Oklahoma Intercollegiate tournament; the Border Olympics in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico; and NTSU was Runner-up in All-American Intercollegiate in Houston, Texas. During this time, NTSU won three consecutive Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) Championships in 1961, 1962 and 1963.

If you add the two victories that year with OSU in the University Team matches, that would total six times we defeated OSU in 1963 when they were the National Champs!

In 1963, NTSU finished 3rd in the NCAA tourney ahead of USC, Georgia, Texas, Wake Forest, Navy and Stanford. And the year before in 1962, NTSU finished in 4th place but finished ahead of teams such as Stanford, Wake Forest, USC and Georgia.

So, how did that happen… How did we lose the NCAA? Well, we didn’t play well that week. I bogeyed the last hole for a 145 total, our #4 player Elgie Seamster shot even par 144 to be low for our team, another player on our team took a disastrous eight on the next to last hole, and… we only lost by four strokes!

Another very important fact: Our very best player on the North Texas team was our team captain, the great Dick Smith from Davenport, Iowa who was killed in a car wreck. I was not even in his class as a player and I was a First Team NCAA All-American selection that year. Dick was a beautiful player with great potential and probably would have been a major tournament winner if he had lived.

We developed wonderful friendships, shared many tough competitions, and created great memories. Thirty-nine years later when I was inducted into the UNT Sports Hall of Fame in 2002, I was surprised when all my fellow teammates showed up for the induction ceremonies. That my teammates would show up was what mattered most to me.”


*NTSU Golf Team Members
FRANK LUKE, scratch player and winner of several tournaments in Texas;
RIVES McBEE, voted Team Captain after Dick Smith died, winner of over three million dollars on the PGA Champions Tour;
BILL GARRETT, the Coral Springs Open Champ, a PGA Tour event;
DON WILSON, the NCAA Long Drive Champ and winner of the Oklahoma Intercollegiate, 1963 Honorable Mention NCAA All-American;
ELGIE SEAMSTER, who shot even par 144 at the NCAA tournament and winner of numerous amateur events in Texas; and
BOBBY GREENWOOD, Southern Intercollegiate Champ, South-West Recreational winner, 4th place Border Olympics golf tourney at Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Runner-up All-American Intercollegiate in Houston, Texas.

*Bobby Greenwood is a 3-time NCAA All-American. He was one of six college golfers in America to be named First Team NCAA All-American in 1963. Greenwood was inducted into the UNT Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.

*Personal recollections of Bobby Greenwood, July 26, 2020.
*1963 Yucca Yearbook, North Texas State University, Volume LVI

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Article: “Cookeville has five home-grown Pro golfers”

ARTICLE: “Cookeville has five home-grown Pro golfers”
Written by Aaron Keen, Sports Feature’s page 6, c. 1971

This article was written when Bobby Greenwood was in his 3rd year on the PGA Tour.

[EXCERPT from the Article written by Aaron Keen (revised edition):
Bobby Greenwood is a touring professional. He has been on the PGA tour for three years and his highest finish as a touring pro has been a tie for fourth in the Los Angeles Open. At one time as an amateur, Greenwood was the sixth ranked golfer in America one year. He won over 75 tourneys as an amateur and Bobby won 13 tournaments one year including six in a row. He was a First Team NCAA All-American his senior year at North Texas State.

PHOTO CAPTION from the article:
Cookeville proudly boasts of having five PGA golf professionals. Cookeville may be the only city its size to have five pro golfers. Aaron Keen talks about the five outstanding golfers in IT’S GAME TIME in today’s paper.

The golfers are, from left (correct designation):
RAY GENTRY, pro at Little Ocmulgee State Park in McRae, Georgia,
BOBBY GREENWOOD, PGA Tour Player, Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame,
BOBBY NICHOLS, Ironwood Golf Club pro in Cookeville and former tour member,
GILBERT JACKSON, pro at Woodmont Country Club in Nashville, and
HUBIE SMITH, former director of the World Open and now club pro at Concord Hotel Golf Club in New York.

All five got their start at Cookeville Golf Club and all five were born and reared in Cookeville. (Photos by Aaron Keen)]

By the way, the first golf team at Cookeville Central High School consisted of 4 players in 1956, namely:

The Cookeville golf team played the Algood High School golf team. The Algood team won the match by one stroke. Algood High School team consisted of BOBBY NICHOLS and 3 other caddies from Algood.

*Personal recollections of Bobby Greenwood, PGA. May 5, 2022.
*Aaron Keen, c. 1971. (Publishing newspaper unknown).
posted on Greenwood’s Facebook Page by admin: May 7, 2022

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Bobby Greenwood, PGA

Former PGA Tour Player | Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame | PGA of America Life Member 

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* * * * * * *

​​​       Bobby Greenwood of Tennessee was a 3-time NCAA All-American at the University of North Texas where he led his team to 3 consecutive Missouri Valley Conference Championships.

       In his freshman year at Tennessee Tech University, Bobby Greenwood led his team to the T.I.A.C. title and he was runner-up in the OVC Championship.

       After transferring to North Texas State University in the Missouri Valley Conference his sophomore year, Bobby won the South-West Recreation in Ft. Worth and defeated Jack Nicklaus in the Colonial Invitational in Memphis, only nine months before Jack won the 1962 U.S. Open.

       His senior year, Greenwood won the Southern Intercollegiate and was selected as First Team NCAA All-American. That year, Bobby was selected to play on the Texas Cup Team, four years later, he co-founded the Tennessee Cup Team.

       Bobby Greenwood was Co-Medalist in the USGA Amateur in 1964 and was a dominant force in Tennessee golf in the ‘60s, he was thrice ranked in the Top 10 amateur golfer in the U.S. by Golf Magazine & Golf Digest.

       He won both the Tennessee Open and the Tennessee Amateur Championships as well as four other Tennessee State Championship tournaments.

       After a stellar amateur career which included winning over 150 amateur and pro tournaments, Bobby Greenwood turned pro in 1969 and won his card for the PGA Tour, tying Johnny Miller for 3rd place in the qualifying tournament. He played the PGA Tour for 7 years winning the 1970 Rhode Island Open.

       Bobby was inducted into the University North Texas Athletic Hall of Fame in 2002, the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame in 2007, and he was inducted as a charter member of the Riverside Military Academy Centennial Sports Hall of Fame in 2007 where he set a school record, hitting 10 home runs in baseball and also was the leading scorer on RMA’s basketball team.

       In 2010, Bobby was awarded the Distinguished Career Award by the Tennessee PGA retroactively. Greenwood is now a golf course architect out of his hometown, Cookeville, Tennessee.



• Tennessee PGA Distinguished Career Award
   Golf House of Tennessee, Franklin, TN, 2007.

• Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame
   Holston Hills Country Club, Knoxville, TN, September 5, 2007.

• Riverside Military Academy Centennial Sports Hall of Fame
   Charter Member, Gainesville, GA, October 13, 2007.

• University of North Texas Athletic Hall of Fame
   Denton, Texas, Nov. 2, 2002.
• PGA President’s Council Award
   PGA Merchandise Show, Orlando, Florida, 2005.

• Dick Smith Memorial Award for Outstanding College Golfer
   North Texas State University, Denton, Texas, 1962.


• North Texas State University (now University of North Texas-UNT)
   Denton, Texas, B.A. Business Admin., 1964.
     • Three-time NCAA All-American

• Tennessee Polytechnic Institute-TPI (now Tennessee Technological University)
   Cookeville, Tennessee, Freshman, 1958-1959
     • Member, TPI Athletic “T” Club.
     • Team Winner, Tennessee Interscholastic Athletic Conference (TIAC)  Championship, Old Hickory Country Club, TN, 1958.
     • ROTC Best-Drilled Cadet, TPI, 1958.

     • Member, TPI Rebel Rifles Drill Team
     • Walk on TPI Freshman Basketball Team under Coach Johnny Oldham, 1958.
     • Runner-up Finish at Ohio Valley Conference Golf League Championship, 1958. (individual)

• Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville, Georgia, 1957. (Postgraduate)
     • Received Horton Society (Honor) Award at graduation.
     • Leading scorer, RMA Basketball Team
     • Ten Home Runs, RMA Baseball Team
     • Played #1 on RMA Golf Team

• Cookeville Central High School, Cookeville, Tennessee, 1956. (Graduate)


• President, Bobby Greenwood & Associates Golf Course Design/Land Planning, Cookeville, TN, 1992-Present

• President, Greenwood-Clifton Golf Design Group, Deland, Florida, 1998-2008

• Design Coordinator ~ Golden Bear International (Nicklaus Design)
   North Palm Beach, Florida & New Augusta Golf Club, Ena Japan. 1996-1997
   ($22 million project)

• Designed & Supervised Construction, The Fairways on Spencer Creek/Cheekwood Golf Club, Franklin, TN, 1992-1996

• Director of Golf, Sawgrass Country Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 1977 and 1978
  (Home of Tournament Players Championship, currently THE PLAYERS),

• Host Professional for the first and second Tournament Players Championship (TPC) held at Sawgrass. This included many diverse activities including PGA Tour Media responsibilities and public relations duties.
   Additional activities at Sawgrass:
    • TV golf clinics for Channel 17, Jacksonville, Florida
    • Gator Bowl Executive Committee
    • Hillier Cup Team – Honored Guest
    • Instructional Panel, Florida PGA and Jr. Golf Academy

• Director of Golf Operations, Suntree Country Club, Melbourne, FL, 1989-1991
   (36-hole resort with 1,650 members; and Home of the Space Coast Classic, Senior PGA Tour event).

• Golf Director ~ Supervised the golf program for Meadow Greens Country Club, Eden, North Carolina, through busy season and hired the new pro for the club.

• President, Greenwood, Frazee & Associates, Brentwood, TN. (Golf Course Design & Planning Services), 1986-1989

• Editor-In-Chief & Founder of Tennessee’s First Golf Publication, “The Nifty Knicker”, Church Street, Nashville, TN (1/3 ownership), 1986-1987

• Golf Director, Benchcraft Golf Co., 1921 Church Street, Nashville, TN 1980-1984   
   (Golf schools, clinics and exhibitions).

• Golf School Coordinator, “Master’s School of Golf”, 1984-1986
  (Partnership with Dave Ragan, PGA Ryder Cup Team member, and  Jack Wall).

• Golf Course Architect, Greenwood, Tucker & Associates, 1978-1980
   Designed and supervised construction of Dorchester Golf Course, Fairfield Glade, TN – Permanent Home of Tennessee Open Championship for 8 years.
• Contract Consultant, Planned Recreation Consultants, Inc., Jacksonville, FL, 1974-1978

• PGA Tour Player, Professional Golfers Association, 1969-1975


•  Life Member, PGA of America

• Tennessee PGA Distinguished Career Award

• Ambassador of Golf, Inaugural Tennessee Senior State Open, 2010-2016

• University of North Texas Athletic Hall of Fame, 2002
    • NCAA All-America ~ First Team, 1963.
    • NCAA All-America ~ Second Team, 1962.
    • NCAA All-America ~ Honorable Mention, 1961.
      North Texas State University, Denton, Texas (now University of North Texas).

 • 3-Time Runner-up Finishes at Missouri Valley Conference Golf League  Championship, North Texas State University, Denton, TX, 1961, 1962, 1963.

 • Southern Intercollegiate Conference (S.I.C.) Champion & Southeastern  Conference Championship (SEC), Athens, Georgia, 1963.

• All-American Intercollegiate, hosted by University of Houston, Pine Forest  Country Club, Houston, Texas. (Runner-up to Kermit Zarley), 1963. (senior year).

 • Border Olympics Golf Tournament, Laredo, Texas. (Team won, I finished 4th place), 1962.

• Southwest Recreational Intercollegiate Champion, Fort Worth, Texas, 1961.  (sophomore year)

• Colonial Invitational, Colonial Country Club, Memphis, Tennessee. (defeated  Jack Nicklaus, 1 up in 19 holes, sudden death playoff, 9 months before Jack won the U.S. Open), 1961. (sophomore year)

• Runner-up Finish at Ohio Valley Conference Golf League Championship, Tennessee Technological University, 1958. (first of four)

• Co-Medalist USGA Amateur, 1964.
  Canterbury Country Club, Cleveland, Ohio.

• Qualified & played in Four USGA Amateurs.

• Qualified and played in Two U.S. Opens. (made the cut in both)

• Texas Cup Team (Ten-member team), 1964.
   Defeated Byron Nelson in singles match. (score: 67 to 68)

• Porter Cup Amateur Championships, 1965 & 1966.
   Finished 5th and 7th respectively. Niagara Falls CC, New York.

• Tennessee Cup Team, 1968, 1976, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1999, 2000.
   Co-Founder, 1968

• Top 10 Amateurs in U.S. by Golf Magazine, Thrice.
   Ranked 6th, 8th, and 10th respectively.

• Top 10 Amateurs in U.S. by Golf Digest, 1968.
   Ranked 7th. His ranked is based on a victory in the Sunnehanna as well as the  Tennessee State Open and his finished third in the Southern Amateur.

• Sunnehanna Amateur ~ “Tournament of Champions”, 1965 and 1968.
   Johnstown, Pennsylvania (Tournament record of 269 set in 1965 and course record of 63 set in 1965).

• Rhode Island Open Champion, 1970 (while on the PGA Tour).
   Agawam Hunt and Golf Club, Rumford, Rhode Island.

• Tennessee Open Champion, 1968.
   Old Hickory Country, Club, Hermitage, Tennessee.

• Tennessee Amateur Champion, 1966.
   Chickasaw Country Club, Memphis, Tennessee.

• Irvin Cobb Open Championship, Paxton Park Country Club, Paducah, Kentucky
   (Two-time winner).

• “Champions’ Choice” ~ PGA Tour, 1969.
   Rookie voted by past champions invited to play in the Colonial Invitational (NIT), Colonial Country Club, Fort Worth, Texas.

• Qualified to play the PGA Tour at “Q School”.
   Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 1969.  (Tied Johnny Miller for 3rd).

• PGA Tour Player for 7 years, 1969-1975.
   Retired after playing for seven years because of physical injuries.

• Tournament Players Division – PGA Tour, 1972-1975. (Voting member)

• Winner of over 150 Amateur and Pro Tournaments in playing career!

• PGA Member – Class A since 1971.

• Music City Pro-Celebrity Invitational, Runner-Up, Nashville Golf and Athletic  Club, 1970. (while on PGA Tour)

• Tennessee Senior PGA Champion, 1991, 1992, 1994.

• Course Record: Southern Amateur Championship, 1968.
   Score: 64 (-8 par), Lost Tree Golf Club, North Palm Beach, Florida (Jack Nicklaus Home Course… later tied by Calvin Peete).

 • Played on the Senior PGA Tour (now Champions Tour), 1988-1991.

• Made seventy-two cuts, six Top 10 finishes, and fifteen Top 25s on the PGA Tour. Plus unofficial cuts, finishes and money won; winner of 1970 Rhode Island Open.


• International Coordinator, Balangiga Without Borders (BWB) – Disaster Relief Volunteers Worldwide (USA, Philippines, Worldwide), 2013-Present
    • Assisted in raising funds for Relief Efforts in the Philippines during the deadly and devastating Hurricane Haiyan (locally known as Super Typhoon Haiyan), 2013-2019. 
    • Overseen, coordinated, secured and monitored relief operations
    • Collaborated, coordinated and formed partnerships with International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs)

• Legionnaire, American Legion Post 46, 2016-Present.
   Post Historian, 2018-Present

• Sons of the Confederate Veterans (SCV), 2019-Present.

• Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), 2017-Present.

• First Families of White County, Tennessee
   Ancestors were pioneers and the early settlers of the county.

• First Families of Putnam County, Tennessee
  Ancestors were pioneers and the early settlers of the county.

• Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Alumni, Inc., Board of Directors, Crossville, TN 2010-2011.

• Lion’s Club, Member, Cookeville, TN, 2007-2008.

• Christian Partners, Inc., Board of Directors, Clarksville, TN, 1980-2010.

• Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – Upper Cumberland Advisory Board Member, 2006-2015.

• Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Camps:
     • Head Golf Clinician, FCA Camp, St. Augustine, Florida, 2006.
     • Head Golf Clinician, FCA Camp, Sawgrass CC, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, 2005.
     • Head Golf Clinician, FCA Camp, Powell, Wyoming, 2005-2006.
     • Assistant Golf Director, FCA Camp, Crow Valley Golf Club, Davenport, Iowa.

 • International Golf Professional Association ~ Vice-President (1991-1992).

• Boy Scouts of America:
    • Eagle Scout-1954
    • God & Country Award
    • Silver Award
    • Arrow Head Award
    • Commissioner Award
    • Order of the Arrow Award
    •  National Eagle Scout Association (NESA), Executive Committee Member, Nashville, Tennessee.
    • Boy Scouts of America ~ Unit Commissioner,  Middle Tennessee Council (1999-2009)

• Cookeville Rescue Mission, Board of Directors (1980s-2014)

• Lettermen Association, UNT – Member, Denton, Texas.

• Fellowship of Christian Golfers (Co-Founder & Director).

• Optimists Club, VP & Board of Directors. (Coached Junior Pro Basketball, 1980-1986).

• Gideons International ~Vice-President, Cookeville, TN, 2002-2004.

• First United Methodist Church, Staff Parish ~ Member, 2007-2009.

• First United Methodist Church, Men’s Brotherhood ~ President, 2005-2008.
  Vice-President (2004-2005).

• First United Methodist Church, Backslider Class ~ President, 2006-2007.
  Vice- President (2005-2006).

• First United Methodist Church, Church Council ~ Member (2005-Present).

• Mason, Grand Lodge Free & Accepted Masons of Tennessee.

• Shriner, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine in Al Menah Temple of Nashville, TN.

• United States Army, Honorable Discharged

• United States Air Force, Honorable Discharged

• Vietnam Era Veteran


• PGA Tour Player – seven years.

• PGA Business Schools I & II, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

• Co-Founder of Tennessee Cup Matches
   (Selected the entire amateur team – 1968).

• Golf Course Architect Consultant ~ Fairfield Glade, Inc. (1969-1972)

• Principal-In-Charge, designed and supervised construction of second 18-hole golf course for Fairfield Glade, Inc., Dorchester Country Club (Home of Tennessee Open Championship).

• Coached Little League Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball (1979-1984)

• Coached Junior – Pro Basketball (1980-1986)
Winner ~ Boys’ State Championship, 1983
Winner ~ Girls’ State Championship & National Championship, 1986

• Golf Architect ~ Designed and supervised construction of Fairways on Spencer Creek/Cheekwood Golf Club, Franklin, Tennessee, 1994-1996.

• Design Coordinator ~ for Jack Nicklaus in Japan, 1996-1997
  Golden Bear International, North Palm Beach, Florida & New Augusta Golf Club, Ena, Japan. ($22 million project)

• PGA Hole in One archive at (8 holes in one)
  Port St. Lucie, Florida


• Board of Directors of Fellowship of Christian Athletes for nine years and has taught at several FCA Sports Camps in the capacity of Head Golf Clinician in charge of golf instruction at camps in South Dakota, Florida, Wyoming and Iowa.

• Taught several PGA golf professionals golf lessons as well as several PGA Tour Players. Several amateur students have received college golf scholarships.

• Coached Little League Baseball and Junior Pro Basketball for eight years.
• won Boy’s State Championship (1983)
• won Girl’s State Championship & NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (1986)
• won 4 league titles (baseball)

• Co-Founder Tennessee Cup Matches 1968

• After graduating from UNT, I was selected to play on the Prestigious 10-man Texas Cup Team in 1964.
    • Four years later, I brought the Tennessee Challenge Cup matches to Tennessee in 1968 and was asked to select the entire Amateur Team that inaugural year.

• Technical Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Musser International Turfgrass Foundation.
    • Appointed by the late Fred V. Grau who was instrumental in founding the Musser Foundation in 1969 (my rookie year to play the PGA Tour).  
    • Served with Arnold Palmer for seven years as Technical Advisor to the Board.
     • Dr. Fred Grau played a major role in the development and release of several grasses including zoysia, U-3 Bermuda grass as well as Merion bluegrass which are used extensively on golf courses. Dr. Grau served as Executive Director of the USGA Green Section. Today, the Foundation has assets of about $700,000.00 and is dedicated to continue supporting the next generation of leaders.

 • 1987 – Co-founded Tennessee’s first golf publication “The Nifty Knicker” and served as Editor-in-Chief, one-third owner of this newspaper.

• Benchcraft Golf Company, established in 1980, Church Street, Nashville, TN.
    •  Enjoyed much success with golf instruction, golf clinics, and exhibitions which were held at Opryland Hotel.
    • Affiliated with South Ocean Beach, Nassau, Bahamas, where I based my International Golf Tours.
    • “Master’s School of Golf”, partnered with former PGA Ryder Cup Team member Dave Ragan.
    • The Tennessee schools were based at Sewanee Inn and Golf Course and also used several State Parks for various golf schools in Tennessee and Kentucky.

• Recipient of the Tennessee PGA Distinguished Career Award
     • Quote on plaque: “recognizes current or former Tennessee PGA Section members who have had outstanding careers as PGA Professionals based on service to his or her club, course or employer, service and leadership to the Association, community service, professional playing record and teaching ability”.


• Official Website:
• Wikipedia:
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• Archive:
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             • Robert S. Greenwood, Jr.  golf
             • Bob Greenwood golf
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OTHER SOURCES – “Bobby Greenwood in BOOKS”:

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Yerger, John, et al. The History of Sunnehanna Country Club and the

Sunnehanna Amateur. John Yerger, 2004, pages 95-96, 99.

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Guestbook, Comments & Facebook Page


Hello & Welcome to my website. Thank you so much for your interests in what I have done through the years. I hope you enjoy reading about old times… perhaps some of these stories and photos will jog your memory. ~ Sincerely, Bobby Greenwood, PGA. (August 7, 2004)

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​Thursday, May 31, 2018 21:12:20 CDT
Name:  Jack Olmsted
Location: Birmingham Alabama
I was great meeting you at The Open at Shoal Creek…Wonderful Golf background.

Sunday, October 9, 2016 09:53:35 CDT
Name:   Celeste Wagner 
Location: Pine Lakes Golf Course Knoxville TN
Bobby, Was so great to have you at Pine Lakes today! Your Daughter is such a delight, y’all come back anytime. Birdies and Pars, God’s Peace, Celeste

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 22:25:22 CDT
Name:   Howard Baggett 
Location: Ball Ground, Ga

Bobby, just returned from a golf trip at Fairfield Glades. One of the courses we played was the Dorchester which I noticed you designed. I thought it was a great layout. Just wondered if you remembered playing golf with me at Tennessee Tech? I did not know you went on to have such a great golf career. My greatest memories are shooting a 69 against UT, my lowest score ever, beating Gibby Gilbert and birdying the last two holes to beat Western Kentucky and Bull Brown putting his arms around me and saying “Baggett, I didn’t know you had it in you.” Seeing your name brought up some nice memories and it is nice you have done so well. Howard Baggett

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 13:15:26 CDT
Name:  Pat Quillen
Location:  Cookeville, TN
Bobby, My Friend, Thank you for sharing your experience with Dr. Morrison with me. I consider your insight very valuable. How can so many years have ticked off since we met upon my move to Cookeville with my family in 1954? But we are still connected. You have a topflite website and I am enjoying its exploration.

Thanks for including your personal testimony. You are a true Christian gentleman,
Pat Quillen

Monday, May 16, 2016 19:21:32 CDT
Name:  Bobby Carpenter
Location:  Goodlettsville TN
Thanks for the golf tips, I hope we can play again sometime. I prayed for your hip operation to go good. Viola will do well in life and golf as you are an inspiration to her and us hackers.

thanks for your time and help

Saturday, April 30, 2016 17:08:18 CDT
Name:   Bettie Tadlock Chaney 
Location: Denton, TX
I’ve been reading about you online. You have really had a wonderful career. I knew you through going to the Nazarene church and your friendship with John Cooper in Denton. Your daughter is beautiful.

Sunday, January 17, 2016 20:12:53 CDT
Name:  Tom McKenzie
Location:  Sacramento California
Bobby Greenwood is more than a former PGA Touring Professional, He is a Gentleman with the respect for others similar to the Late Lord Byron Nelson. If You have ever had the opportunity to spend time with him personally you would experience a Man who had a special ability to show his “Genuineness” and love of Jesus Christ along with golf skills which in his prime were among the best ever. I Had the pleasure of being his caddie at The US Open at Pebble Beach in 1972. It was a week that has molded my life and continues to be my fondest memory of my years around the West Coast PGA Tour events.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 18:44:44 CDT
Name:  Fran Porreca
Location: Lima, Ohio
Linda and I, along with my sister Laurie and brother-in-law, Ray really enjoyed meeting you and Viola on Monday. It was a both a pleasure and an honor meeting you both and watching a talented young lady work on her game. We wish you both the best of luck and look forward to keeping up with Viola’s progress.

Thank you for making our day so enjoyable.

Fran Porreca

PS. Played on Tuesday and remembered the finger snaps the whole round !!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 22:29:48 CDT
Name:  Peggy Dilldine Gunter
Location:  Birmingham AL
Thank you for inviting me. I am researching the DILDINE family and related families.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014 09:36:10 CDT
Name:  Golf Grip Mate
Location: Naples, Florida
Great website Bobby,
Good luck with your game.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 09:54:16 CDT
Name:  Bill Harper
Location:  Memphis, Tn
Congrats on Viola winning again, hope she wins the TGA championships too. Stay in touch. See Ya in Memphis next year
Bill H

Saturday, June 21, 2014 22:28:40 CDT
Name:  Linda Olive King
Location:  Lookout Mountain, Ga.
Bobby, I know you will remember me from the early sixties and of course my Father that you played golf with. Ed Olive from Summertown, Tn… We traveled to all those tourneys at Lawrenceburg, Pulaski, Columbia and many more… every summer… That is where I met you and had a terrible crush on

you and my father adored you! We had some fun times… I am so happy you are doing so well and have a beautiful family… I have a beautiful daughter in NYC a musician Mollie King, Cannon lives in BNA w/ three precious grands and Walter here… I am still divorced after 36 years… Can you believe that?

Have been thinking about you and wondering what happened to you all these years…now I know… I have gone through all of your sites… So fascinating…You have indeed had an awesome interesting very successful life… I am so proud of you!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014 12:21:30 CDT
Name:   Todd Epping
Location: Deland
Hi Bobby, Again, trying to catch up. This is your old caddy from the QC Open for 3 straight years, Todd Epping. Although you didn’t quite recollect, when I came down to Melbourne to eat lunch it jogged your memory. We also hit balls somewhere down there at some railroad caboose parked in the middle of the range! funny. Hope you are doing well…love to hear from you. Take care! Todd ps… just found out that you have worked with the Cliftons right here in Deland where I live…

Saturday, October 12, 2013 15:54:34 CDT
Name:  Ralph Foley
Location:  37076
Met Bobby today while working as a volunteer for the LPGA Legends HANDA Cup. Also met his beautiful daughter Viola, who was a score standard bearer for the Beth Daniel/Rosie Jones vs Jane Crafter/Mieko Nomura. Great meeting you Bobby, brings back some old memories.

Monday, September 30, 2013 12:39:01 CDT
Name:  Ralph Waller
Location: Lakeland, Fl. 33810
I enjoyed reading about your accomplishments in golf. I knew you were GOOD I didn’t know you were as good as you were. I always enjoy seeing you and your family at the class of 1956 gatherings. May God bless you and your family. Ralph Waller.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 19:05:31 CDT
Name:   Aaron Dale
Location: Nashville, TN
Hi Bob, It was an eye opening experience to have you reach out to me during the round at McCabe on Friday. Ever since I began playing regularly in high school, I have felt a sense of great potential, and held it inside, not sure how to approach it or what to do with it. It was an honor that filled my heart to have you speak to me and express belief in my talent. I have thought a lot over the last few days about my frustration in playing under my potential. This is the first year I have committed to getting back into golf since 2007, and I am ready for serious help and guidance in improving my game. I have been successful in the past learning on my own through intense focus and practice, but have still not played to my own expectations. I am ready for mentoring and coaching help in order to provide a structured/monitored approach to improving my skills and maximizing my focus and practice time. I would really appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch with you, and help in reaching out to Art…

Sunday, September 2, 2012, 15:23:31 CDT

Posted From: United States
Name: Wes Keith – Volskeith
Location: Holly Springs NC
Comments: Bobby has been a great mentor and friend to me over the years!


Thursday, May 24, 2012, 10:54:57 CDT
Name: Blaine Lenhart
Location: Chase City, VA
Bobby, as you probably already know, Mike is leaving Cookeville at the end of June and moving to Abingdon,VA. In view of this I probably will not be coming to Cookeville in the future and will miss seeing you. If you are ever in this neck of the woods give me a call or drop by. I really enjoyed playing a few holes with you and thank you for the help with my swing. Best wishes for the future. Blaine

Saturday, January 14, 2012 16:05:37 CDT
Name: Casey Smith Shuff
Location: Lake Forest, IL 60045
Bobby, I am Dick Smith’s sister- you were on the golf team together @ North Texas State. In all these years of missing him, it is always a comfort to see his life and his golf still show up through the ones he had shared so much with, and with whom he had so much in common. He would be very proud of your career in golf. – Our brother Tom (74) is the only one who plays, and does so, as often as he can! Take Care and God Bless, Casey Smith Shuff


Email: 10/11/2011
Name: Mike Reehl
Hello Mr. Greenwood. Hope all is well for you!!! You made a huge impression on me back in 1969… I was a 18 year old kid…I caddied for you at Mission Viejo CC in the So. Calif. Open…Although we struggled due to a very difficult course and heavy winds you remained a true gentleman thru out the day.. although you decided to withdraw after one round you paid me for both T and F. I still remember what you wore that day…you looked so sharp!!! Gray slacks.. white shirt…burgundy V Neck sweater. In fact I wore the exact same outfit months later when I won the California State Junior College Individual Championship in 1970. By the way I defeated Phil McGleno…Mac O’Grady in a playoff. I went on to play collegiate golf at Long Beach State…went to 3 NCAA the next 3 years in which Crenshaw won all 3 individual titles champ in 72 with Kite.. I was named to the All-American Team in 1972 probably because I won my conference’s individual title…beat Lon Hinkle in a playoff. I stayed in the golf business.. became the Director of Golf at one of the more prestigious clubs in So. Cal. Retired a year ago…I remember you were from Tennessee…Still play pretty well …plus one handicap.. shot 65 a while back playing with Frank Beard…sure the heck hope you are in good health.. best to you……..Mike Reehl


Sunday, September 4, 2011 08:54:35 CDT
Name: Viola
Location: Franklin, TN
Hi Daddy! Thanks for teaching me golf this year! It’s becoming a great journey. Lots of fun(: You’re a wonderful teacher. Love you!


Monday, August 15, 2011 15:46:57 CDT
Name: Tommy Piazza – puttee
Location: Sarasota Florida
Hey Bobby,
I guess it’s about 35 years since we last spoke on the phone and about 50 years since u and I last saw eachother. We would trudge the fairways at NTSU together, with Rives, Billy Garrett and Elgie and me. Back then we’d play 50 cent Nassau’s if you remember? I even had a couple of lucky days against you, few and far between I might add. I remember Rives and his temper on the 18th green one afternoon, after missing a chip shot and Billy G. with his long drawn out southern Texas drawl, calling me “Yank” when he used to take my money and then kid me about my play that day. But what I remember most is you and I having those fun rides (in your Vett) running around the campus and TWU, as well, looking for the Ladies. They were some Fun times Bobby. Remember the Coke double dates we used to have and getting our dates back to the dorm by 11:10 PM when the lights would flash? Some of my most fondest memories are of NTSU, you, me and the guys on golf team back in 1961 (My Freshman year).


Tuesday, May 31, 2011 21:22:42 CDT
Name: Britt Jared
Location: Cookeville, TN
Bobby, This is a great website! I am proud to have learned the swing from you and equally proud that you have given me something to pass down to my sons. Viola is a lovely girl. Your choice to name her after your grandmother was perfect and inspirational. That you have professed your faith is the most awesome part of this page. Britt Jared


Wednesday, March 16, 2011 17:33:34 CDT
Name: Jeanne Culver Thorpe
Location: Knoxville, TN
Great Site! You have been a very busy man since I last saw you. Good for you!!! Jeanne


Monday, March 14, 2011 08:34:17 CDT
Name: mike leblanc
Location: luling, texas
Dear Bobby Greenwood. I played in a college tournament in 1962 at Fort Worth on TCU Campus.or it could have been in the spring of 1963 I was a freshman. It was a 2 day tournament. I shot 78 74. I played for Stephen F austin Lumberjacks. The Only memory other than making double bogie and triple bogie on the last 2 holes to shoot 74 was watching You tee off with your hogan cap. Even to this day I still tell folks the smoothest golf swing i have ever seen was made that day. You won the tournament for North Texas. Didn’t know about all your exploits until i researched just recently. You have a really nice site with lots of good info. I’m still golfing at age 66 and try to swing like Paul Runyan and Putt like Jack Nicklaus. Could do worse. I can still see that smooth golf swing that you swung on the first hole at TCU . sincerely Mike


Friday, February 25, 2011 08:51:40 CDT
Name: Bob Garland
Location: Gulf Shores, Al
Bobby, We just met Jimmy Wright at a Golfweek Tournament and he said to tell you hello. He is now at The Concession Club in Bradenton-Sarasota, Fl. If you are ever in the area he asked that you contact him. A real gentleman and a pleasure to talk to. Hope all is well. Bob & Barbara Garland


Email from: Bob Price
Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 7:02 PM
Subject: A bunch of old North Texas guys

Each year during the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show a group of old football and basketball players meet and lie about how good we used to be. This year your name came up and I don’t remember, but someone gave a good report on you and your golf business. I wanted you to know that Troy Gilbert, Charlie Welch, Noe Flores, Artie Dixon, Bud Forman, Mack Cope, Johnny Simmons, and me Bob (Bobby) Price were thinking about you. Your website is great congratulations.
Bob Price


Wednesday, January 26, 2011 20:04:57 CDT
Name: John Angus
Location: GAinesville, Texas
Mr. Greenwood:
It was a pleasure meeting you at the PGA “demo day” today and sharing some conversation. You were correct, I enjoyed your website.

John Angus


Monday, January 17, 2011 20:07:08 CDT
Name: jackie holman
Location: cookeville, tn
i really enjoyed visiting your website.


Friday, December 17, 2010 13:44:59 CDT
Name: melanie f witmer
Location: nashville, tn
Dad was telling me about an article about him with you and im trying to find it- clue? hope you and the family are doing fine- steve, my brother, just came for a visit-and i just finished my second semester@ vol state with an A and B. doing great but my car just drop out the transmission so im looking fir a cheap car-but i know the Lord even knows the lil things because it could have been much worse- i was getting onto ellington pkwy during rush hour and he protected me from an accident- hope to talk to ya soon- love ya much- Melanie.


Monday, November 22, 2010 08:49:06 CDT
Name: Jo Anne Freeman
Location: Tucker, GA
Bobby, It was really good to meet you and your daughter today. She is a gem. And you do take well to “cooking” lessons. We are old retired professors of engineering, and so are very interested in young people and helping them to realize their potential. Best to you. Have a safe trip home. Jo Anne and Jim


Tuesday, November 16, 2010 17:50:44 CDT
Name: John Byrd
Location: Melbourne,FL
Bobby,I am so honored to know you from your time spendt at suntree country club.


Thursday, November 4, 2010 15:48:13 CDT
Name: donny bob wilson
Location: p.o. box 286 chandler, texas 75758
we just talked about donald wayne wilson, i told my mother about you and the way GOD answered my prayer about dad and his passing to HEAVEN. she saw your info on the web, so looked it up. Great career, I see why dad admired you so much to name me after you donny bob wilson. job well done, not only in golf. God bless you, thanks again for my peace with dad, calling at the right time!!!! love donny bob wilson


Friday, October 1, 2010 14:16:56 CDT
Name: Karl Andrews
Location: Loxley, AL
Hi Bobby. You will not remember me; but, I knew you at Riverside Military Academy in 1955/56. I was a Junior at the time. I believe you were on the RMA’s Basketball Team with me (I may be wrong on this). I receive RMA News from the Errol Bisso and this is how I found your name on the list of RSVP’s for RMA’s Homecoming Event. It is good to hear that your success in the PGA has been outstanding as well as your contributions to golf. I am retired myself from TVA, and the University of Georgia and currently residing in Lower Alabama (LA) active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and dabbling in real estate. We (Lou (my wife) and I) are doing great here and enjoying this area. Take care and God bless you and your family. Kind regards, Karl Andrews


Friday, September 24, 2010 23:14:35 CDT
Name: Larry Adamson
Location: Franklin, TN
Hey my friend…just thinking of you…
Keep on

Larry Adamson


Thursday, May 20, 2010 12:49:00 CDT
Name: Nick Shelton
Location: Franklin, TN
Bobby: A great website for an even better guy. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life and I hope you are doing well these days.

Sincerely, Nick Shelton (originally from Tullahoma, TN)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010 09:24:31 CDT
Name: Pauline Sherrer
Location: Crossville, Tn
I guess all those 100 degree golf lessons were really the changing point in my golf game!!


Friday, April 16, 2010 10:10:38 CDT
Name: Kelvin Burgin
Location: Crossville, TN
Bobby, Great talking with you the other day. It’s always nice to spend a little time with such a great champion and true professional


Friday, April 16, 2010 08:03:12 CDT
Name: Peter Bollant
Location: Bryan College, Dayton, TN
I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. Tell you wife hello from us. Ask her if she understands…. maayong buntag, komosta niining buntaga? Ask her… misamot ba daw ang iyang kagwapa matag adlawa? buligan ka unta sa Dios. ~ Peter Bollant


Thursday, April 8, 2010 06:45:54 CDT
Name: Lorna
Location: Dubai, UAE
HI!! wow! Its another Accomplishment again.. You deserved on that PGA Tour.. Well Congrats and God Bless you and your Family . Have a Great Weekend. Lorna


Sunday, April 4, 2010 20:16:09 CDT
Name: Buzz Gillespie
Location: Dover, Delaware
Bobby, I caddied for you 40 years ago (age 16) at the IVB Philadelphia Golf Classic at Whitemarsh Country Club. You qualified on Monday and made the cut. I remember you hit the ball right to left but made an amazing shot on 18 left to right with a 2 iron around a tree to make it into the tournament. The funny thing I remember is how low you were hitting the driver at that time. You almost decapitated a caddie at the practice field. If you get the time, email me and let me know if you remember, I will tell you more. Take Care. BUZZ


Sunday, March 28, 2010 19:04:56 CDT
Name: Mike Yother
Location: Cookeville
Hey Bobby, enjoy being a Dad with you at the soccer fields. Mike


Monday, March 22, 2010 23:43:39 CDT
Name: Gary and Rose Neely
Location: Belmont, CA
Congrats on your latest PGA award. Was so fun meeting the family last Oct in SF. All our best to you, Elma, and Viola.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010 18:06:37 CDT
Name: Bob Garland
Location: Gulf Shores, Al
Bobby, congratulations on your Tn PGA award, glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve. Bob


Sunday, February 28, 2010 22:53:38 CDT
Name: Lisa Wall
Location: NC
Hey Bobby, Any thoughts to adding a link or section for people to put stories about my dad?

To Lisa: Yes, we’ll add a link/page for your Dad as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience. Sincerely, Team.


Thursday, February 11, 2010 16:22:14 CDT
Name: Tom Niketopoulos
Location: Chicago/ Nippon Shaft
Bobby, Loved talking to you at the PGA show. You are right, I enjoyed looking at your website. Best regards, Tom – Nippon Shaft


Sunday, January 31, 2010 02:01:06 CDT
Name: John Donnelly
Location: Cookeville, TN
Bobby–though a longtime resident of Cookeville Tennessee my uncle was a member of Sunnyhanna in Johnstown Pa–where you had great victories and held the course record until a few years ago–we talked briefly at a DART meeting at the sherrifs meeting a few months ago–John Donnelly


Monday, January 18, 2010 11:40:36 CDT
Name: John Wilhite
Location: Texas
Great website! Was directed here from Interested in Genealogy.

Thank you,
John C. Wilhite, Jr
Grand Prairie, Texas


Friday, November 27, 2009 12:16:33 CDT
Name: Viola
Location: Tennessee
Hi Daddy I love u.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 13:21:14 CDT
Name: Lucy Sadler Keely
Location: Atlanta GA
Your newest award on 2/28/2010 will take place on my birthday. Saw the wonderful article about your grandmother on line. She was a fantastic lady. I was at Riverside Military Academy for a meeting last week and saw your name and picture on the Alumni Hall of Fame. Good job cousin. Love to all.


Friday, August 28, 2009 17:09:09 CDT
Name: Ken Haney
Location: Cookeville TN
Bobby, It was an honor to meet you at Dyer Funeral Home today. I will be following your sight on a regular basis.

Ken Haney


Friday, August 21, 2009 21:01:34 CDT
Name: Larry Leiben
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Bobby, congrats on all of your success. A lot of hard work, but I know you enjoyed every second of it!



Thursday, July 16, 2009 15:13:05 CDT
Name: Lorna M. Ynson
Location: Dubai, UAE
Hi.. Bobby How are you? Did you still remember that was 1994 I’m from Philippines. I’m Lorna M. Mirasol. I hope you still remember me? Anyway i just google your name and then i saw you.. and im so surprise that i found you.. So you are married already?? Nice to see you still active on what you do best… Best Regards, Lorna


Sunday, June 14, 2009 02:55:11 CDT
Name: Jerry Holmes
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Bobby great site. You should be proud of all your accomplishments, golf and family. Brought back old memories. I was a freshman at North TX when you came. Roomed with Wilson. Thanks again for the memories and God Bless You and your family.


Thursday, May 21, 2009 12:41:44 CDT
Name: Lucy Sadler Keely
Location: Ft Myers FL
Bobby, Can you or your wife do an entry for me as a child under my Dads name? I am listed as Living Sadler. As you know I was named for Mamma Sadler and her middle name was Ann… not Anne. The grave marker Daddy purchased for her was tooled incorrectly but he told me he took it as he did not want her to be there unnamed. Thanks…. I have additional family info I can send you if you would like it. Just give me an address.


Sunday, March 29, 2009 21:12:38 CDT
Name: Rick Roberts
Location: Cookeville
I love you man!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009 21:38:18 CDT
Name: Bo Greenwood
Location: Saratoga, Wyoming
Dad, great website. I’m proud of your accomplishments. I’m also proud of the way you
have always treated and inspired those around you. Your Grandkids are proud of you as well. We love you.

Love, Bo


Friday, February 13, 2009 09:14:54 CDT
Name: Johnny Loftis
Location: Nashville
What a great honor to have a great friend and golf coach of your caliber!

Thank You, Johnny Loftis


Wednesday, February 11, 2009 19:18:06 CDT
Name: Gary Bauch.
Location: Hamlin, New York
Bobby, I enjoyed meeting you and your daughter today at the Key West Golf Club. Thanks for the kind comments about my golf swing. I do hope to start shooting in the low 80s this year and maybe even break 80 on occasion. Ministry keeps me busy, but golf is a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. I will keep praying for this nation of ours. Being faithful to God is all the more important in these days. I liken it to the days of the early church in the book of Acts! If you ever get up to the Rochester area, look me up! God’s peace and rich blessing upon you and yours. Rev. Gary Bauch


Thursday, February 5, 2009 10:10:32 CDT
Name: Steve Keck
Location: Dayton, TN
Mr. Greenwood,
Looking forward to our meeting.


Thursday, January 1, 2009 13:05:03 CDT
Name: Lucy Sadler Keely
Location: Ft Myers FL
Congratulations Cousin. You have so many nice honors. I know my Dad would be pleased with your accomplishments and honors. Well Done. My love to you and your family. Stay in touch, first cousins are hard to find in the Sadler family.


Sunday, November 16, 2008 13:24:50 CDT
Name: Blaine Lenhart
Location: Chase City, Virginia
Bobby, I have enjoyed reading about all of your outstanding accomplishments, which are many. I enjoy my trips to Cookeville to see Mike and family and have equally looked forward to my golf with you. Becky and I wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.


Sunday, October 26, 2008 21:42:44 CDT
Name: Hugh Primrose
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
I remember your fine career. I was looking up Jim Ferriell, who I caddied for in the 65 Azalea Open.


Thursday, August 21, 2008 17:04:19 CDT
Name: Gene Pearce
Location: The Villages, Florida

To say your wife is a computer whiz is a gross understatement. This is a most impressive website.

Congratulations on the Sunnehanna Hall of Fame.


Monday, August 18, 2008 18:43:48 CDT
Name: Kermit Zarley
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Bobby Greenwood, one of my dear friends in my life.

Kermit Zarley


Tommy Hudgens [tom.hudgens]

Great to see this site and bring back memories of golf, Cookeville, and the times I watched you hit a golf ball! I graduated from Tech in 1970 (from Sparta) and worked at Cookeville Country Club for a year or so as a student. I just remember thinking that I had never seen a smoother golfswing or anyone who hit the ball as pure as you did.

Enjoyed your site.

Tom Hudgens………….Conyers, GA
1.56 – Jul 30th 2008


Don Van Pelt [djvanpelt]


Didn’t realize you won so many events. Growing up with a little chubby kid. Jackie Nicklaus, Many of us were over shadowed, but certainly not you. We did have some fun and hopefully, we aren’t finished having fun. I would like to look thru all of your memorabilia some time as growing up in our era I can relate to much of your successes.

Your Friend, Don Van Pelt
23.28 – Jul 29th 2008


Jimmy Price [jprice7131]

Bobby as my brother said in his thread you were a great coach and mentor to all 3 of the price boys picking us up for practice when we did not have a ride. Picking us up on days off and taking us to hidden hollow and other places letting us spend time with your family like we were part of your family. Even just a few years ago when we went out and played a round and you gave me pointers not just about my golf game but about life and how I should relax more on the course and off. You even gave me a set of Irons that I really wanted and letting me pay you as you put (when it will not take away from your families needs and wants). God knows how thankful to you and how much I love you as a dear friend and mentor.

22.00 – Jul 29th 2008


Rusty Price [johnrprice38]

It’s about time the rest of the world gets a chance to see how great a person you are Bobby! I never knew as a kid how big of an influence you were making in my life: as my friend, my coach and a father figure but as I have gotten older I have realized it. You showed me that all the kids had to have someone.No matter how many kids or challenges you had to take under your wing . For that my ball teams and my own children should be thankful for you.I dont know that you remeber me that well or maybe you do Bobby but i will never be able to forget you or what you taught me about how to treat people, on and off the field.If I ever get a chance I would love to introduce you to my 3 girls(two of which are State Champion Fastpitch softball pitchers) and my wife,they all already know who you are from my stories.Again thank you Bobby for being a great coach and such a great mentor.It made all the difference in my life.

2.55 – Jul 29th 2008


Robert Powell [gracedin1]

Great site and well deserved. I really enjoyed playing with you last fall when Steve Goins and I paid you a visit. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work.

God Bless,

Bob Powell
15.13 – Jul 28th 2008


Name: Chuck Courtney
HomePage: http://
Date: February 06, 2008
Time: 11:13:48 AM


Congratulations on a nice site and super career.

Chuck Courtney
PGA Class A
Golf Professional Emeritus
Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club
P. O. Box A
Rancho Santa Fe, California, 92037
Club 858-756-3094 858-756-3094 Ext. 152
Mobil 619-246-5311 619-246-5311


Name: Robert C. Oury
HomePage: http://
Date: January 03, 2008
Time: 02:28:50 AM


Great Website, I worked with another Great Golfer, and fellow Hall of Famer, Harry Cotton Berrier. Cotton was a good boss and still a good friend. I retired in 2004 after 23 years as a Greenskeeper at Gatlinburg Golf Course.

Best of luck,

Semper Fi,

Robert C. Oury


Name: sterling greenwood
Date: December 01, 2007
Time: 02:06:27 PM


i just received an email to the effect that i may have family roots in overton county, tennessee. i found it interesting that bobby greenwood also has a connection with the area. as a student at rhodes college — then known as southwestern at memphis — i remember reading about bobby greenwood in the sports pages. i believe he was a student at north texas when i was at rhodes. i enjoyed touring the website.


Name: martin lee
HomePage: http://
Date: November 23, 2007
Time: 08:22:49 PM
bobby, really enjoy your website, love you buddy, talk to you soon, martin.


Name: Dena Watts
HomePage: http://
Date: 09 Oct 2007 15:01:14 -0700
Bobby this is great. I really like your website. Dena….Hello to Elma and Viola too.


Name: Hayes Greenwood
HomePage: http://
Date: 15 Sep 2007 06:51:49 -0700
wonderful! So very nice to see and be able to share Bobby’s memories. I would love for you to add a video section showing his swing. It would be a great addition of seeing his beautiful golf swing


Name: Tim B
Date: 14 Sep 2007 19:26:22 -0700
awesome site!


Name: Peggy Dilldine Gunter
HomePage: http://
Date: 19 August 2007
Time: 10:32 AM -0700

Hi Please email me at I would like to talk to you about Thomas James Dildine and Sally Childress. Thank you Peggy


Name: Peggy Dilldine Gunter
HomePage: http://
Date: 19 August 2007
Time: 10:26 AM -0700

Hi First time I have seen this site. NICE! Peggy


Name: Bobby Greenwood, PGA
Date: 14 August 2007
Time: 01:48 PM -0700


“Hello & Welcome to my website. Thank you so much for your interests in what I have done through the years. I hope you enjoy reading about old times… perhaps some of these stories and photos will jog your memory. Sincerely, BG”


EntryNo: 53
Date: Saturday, 15:36 08.04.2007

We have moved to a new location… please check the OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF BOBBY GREENWOOD, PGA at:

Thank you!


EntryNo: 52
Date: Monday 16:25 07.23.2007 Team


Bobby Greenwood has just been notified by the Riverside Military Academy located in Gainesville, Georgia that he will be inducted into the All-Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. This will be his 3rd HALL OF FAME Induction!!! Congratulations Bobby

God has been good to you… God bless!


EntryNo: 51
Date: Monday 12:02 07.23.2007
Andrew Keen

Nice Looking web-site! Keep up the good work.


EntryNo: 50
Date: Sunday 19:30 07.15.2007
Name: Bobby Greenwood

congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Maybe some day you could show me a few lessons and I’ll coach you up on some football and we’ll call it an Even bobby greenwood Sport Switcheroo, Roll Tide
rlgreenwood @


EntryNo: 49
Date: Saturday 08:06 05.05.2007
Name: Blaine Lenhart


I have been viewing someof your acomplishments. GREAT career.
Hope you are well and look forward to seeing you next time out visiting Mike.

bgll @


EntryNo: 48
Date: Friday 19:41 04.27.2007
Name: Team

New PHOTOS uploaded at the PHOTO ARCHIVE… or you can click this link below:http://greenwoodpga.blogspot .com/

Have a great day!
admin @


EntryNo: 47
Date: Monday 11:54 02.26.2007 Team

Flash Report!!!

Bobby Greenwood is a new inductee to the Tennessee Golf Hall Of Fame!!! For more info. please check his Official Blog at http://greenwoodpga.wordpres



EntryNo: 46
Date: Monday 11:29 12.11.2006
Name: Debra Cloud

I am not sure what relation we are, but I am the g-grandaughter of Thomas J. Templeton and Amaranda S. Farris. Their son Frank Virgil Templeton, was my mother’s father. My grandparents lived and died in Carlisle Co., Ky. My mother Elizabeth is 92 years old and still lives in Milburn, Ky. Came across your genealogy page and wanted to say hello.

Debra Cloud
Kerrville, TX
cloudy @


EntryNo: 45
Date: Monday 22:02 10.16.2006

Thanks for signing the Guestbook. We appreciate your interest… Please come again.

Have a blessed day!:

The Team
admin @


EntryNo: 44
Date: Monday 03:15 10.16.2006
Name: Bob Watson

Hi Bobby,

We only met once, at the L.A. Open in ’70 or ’71. You allowed a friend and I to come out on the range and watch you practice after a round. You were very gracious.
My great aunt was Georgia Bly, formerly Georgia Alcorn, also from Cookeville. Her sister, Mamie, was my grandmother. Their father was county sheriff there in the early 1900′s. Georgia was staying with my family at the time of the Open, and I asked her if she’d heard of you. She said something like: ” Oh my, yes! I helped raise him!” I don’t know how true that was, but she remembered it that way. Georgia died in 1977. She was a fine person.
For some reason, you came to mind the other day, and I decided to look you up on the Internet. Congratulations on all of your professional accomplishments. You’ve had a great career in so many areas of golf.
All the best to you and yours. I’m glad I had the chance to meet you and watch that sweet swing on the range for awhile.


Bob Watson
Upland, Cal.
bar77g @


EntryNo: 43
Date: Thursday 14:44 10.05.2006
Name: Frank McKay

Great to visit with you over the weekend, Bobby! Congrats on your latest hole-in-one!

See you soon!
squanklin @


EntryNo: 42
Date: Sunday 20:35 09.10.2006
Name: Bob Garland

I am proud to say Bobby is my all time best friend.
Bob Garland


EntryNo: 41
Date: Thursday 14:55 08.31.2006
Name: Amy Booth

Your site is wonderful! I look forward to seeing you and your family in Gainesville next month.
abooth @


EntryNo: 40
Date: Thursday 13:13 08.31.2006
Name: Hollie and Elgie

Hey, Bobby—Since I am the one who has become Elgie’s secretary, I will just let you know that he passed your web address to me, so here we are just saying hello. Hope all is well with you and your family. Sincerely, Hollie
hollieida @


EntryNo: 39
Date: Monday 00:49 07.31.2006
Name: Nicole (Sadler) Caudill

Hi Bobby,

We are 3rd cousins (maybe 4th?), best as my Dad can tell me. TN roots and we Sadlers are everywhere! I thought I would say hello, since family reunions don’t happen in Red Boiling Springs anymore, since most are gone now. [:)] Take care, and God bless.

nicole1125c @


EntryNo: 38
Date: Sunday 09:45 07.30.2006

well there has been a lot of water under the bridge. knowing you has been a good experence. i hope you enjoy many good years and stay healthy. charles paul.
the perry como of country music.

clpaul @


EntryNo: 37
Date: Wednesday 07:38 07.19.2006
Name: Ron Peplowski

Thank you for a fun day of golf and instruction. I couldn’t put the things you advised, into play at the time, but I will try and make it happen as I continue my Golfing journey.
Hope you like the Photos.

rcpep @


EntryNo: 36
Date: Saturday 18:33 07.08.2006
Reza Zadeh

Hey Friend, it was great hanging out with you for a week. thank you for your prayers and your thougths towards me durring camp last week. you are a man of God and i am glad that we met.

rsz @


EntryNo: 35
Date: Monday 12:02 06.12.2006
Name: Matt

I will be at an FCA golf camp that you will be a clinician at.

I thought i’d drop in and see what you are like. I like what I see.


EntryNo: 34

Date: Wednesday 11:05 05.17.2006
Name: Bob Brown

Date: 5-2-06

A great teacher and friend.

63falcon @


EntryNo: 33

Date: Tuesday 13:25 04.25.2006
Name: Alfred

Hi !
My friend told me to visit your site because she said it’s beautiful. She really was telling that truth. Indeed, your site is amazing.I’ll surely go visit here again.Keep up the good work! [:D]

ritmluck @


EntryNo: 32
Date: Tuesday 11:38 02.14.2006
Name: Ernie Mecca


Thank you for your prayer for healing. It is a blessing to have you as a brother in Christ.

Great website. I went through all of it. I did expect to see a personal page for Bobby Greenwood that gives his testimony.

emecca @


EntryNo: 31
Date: Thursday 08:37 01.19.2006
Name: George Clifton

I really liked going thru your web site. Clifton, Ezell & Clifton Golf Design certainly has enjoyed a great working relationship with you Bobby. I can’t wait for the next project to see what our team can create. God Bless.
gclifton @


EntryNo: 30
Date: Friday 13:46 01.13.2006
James Van Hattum Sr.

Date : 01-11-06

It is a really nice page. Nice Going Bobby.

jamesrvh @


EntryNo: 29
Date: Thursday 15:09 01.12.2006

We have been updating this website and, we have a new GUESTBOOK. Check it out, please sign in because it means a lot to us… Enjoy!
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Entry: 28
Name: Buddy Pearson
Text: Date : January 5, 2006

Loved the articles from the Herald-Citizen!


Entry: 27
Name: Ed Metcalf
Date : 12/23/05

Bobby, Elma has done a fantastic job with your website. It is enjoyable to read and view the pictures.


Entry: 26
Name: John Sims
Date : 12/14/05

Looks good, Bobby. John


Entry: 25
Name: Jim Bass
Date : 12/14/05

At age 57 I am still caddying, now at The Ocean Course – Kiawah Island, SC. My first job as a tour caddie was 1970, Magnolia Classic for Bobby. He was there a week early and we went out several days before the tourney started. He was a super guy to learn


Entry: 24
Name: Bob Harlow
Date : 12/14/2005

Nice guy Love him good Christian man.


Entry: 23
Name: Art Quick
Date : 12/14/05

Hey! Your website looks great.


Entry: 22
Name: ate
Date : 12/14/2005

Great design! Thanks to the webmaster-:)


Entry: 21
Name: jim starnes
Date : 5-12-2005

one good golfer, one great person and friend.


Entry: 20
Name: Jack Sedwick
Date : 10-19-05

I just want to say thank you again and what an honor it was to be able to play with you at the RMA Alumni Tournament. I hope we get a chance to play again. Hope all is well and God Bless!


Entry: 19
Name: Stephany Madsen
Date : 9-15-2005

Hello, Bobby, golf must run in the family (except for me). Im the gr-gr-granddaughter of James Valentine Sadler (son of John Wesley Sadler and Sarah T. Gregory). My Dad, John Burton Sadler, Jr. was an avid and accomplished golfer. Used to drive me nuts as


Entry: 18

Name: James Van Hattum Sr.
Text: Date : 8/20/2005

It Looks Great and the Pictures will be great also Your Friend; TN. Jim-Bo


Entry: 17
Name: Admin.
Date : 8/20/05

Thank you for stopping by. Please check us back from time to time at:


Entry: 16

Name: John Buontempo
Date : 06/22/05


Entry: 15
Name: Ryan Davis
Date : 5-12-05

Mr. Greenwood My name is Ryan Davis, and I am the head prof. at the VA golf course in Murfreesboro, you stopped and visited today and I had a chance to read your bio on the website this afternoon. I really enjoyed talking with you today. Your golf caree


Entry: 14
Name: Tere
Date : 12/24/04



Entry: 13
Name: Mark Howard
Date : 12/10/04

It was like opening a Christmas present on Christmas morning when I checked my e-mails this evening. I am enjoying reading every word. And just to think, in less than twenty-four hours I will be at your home for a visit. Thank you for taking the time…


Entry: 12
Name: sam g.
Text: Date : 12/8/2004

Great site! More power to you! God always bless you and your family.


Entry: 11
Name: Ed Metcalf
Date : 11/02/04

Bobby, I really enjoy reading all the articles. It seems like I learn something new every time I read one.


Entry: 10
Name: Zane Teeters
Date : 26 October 2004

Mr. Greenwood, I ran across your genealogy postings on the net tonight and noticed that you are looking for some of my relatives, specifically John Teeters and children. My grandfather was brother to John so if you wish to contact me perhaps we can share information…


Entry: 9
Name: linda victory
Date : 10/24/2004

I am a descendant of James Peek, Sr–thru James, Jr. (dau. Gertrude who married Thomas J. Green). I am researching all sides of my family and have found your site. Are you connected thru James, Sr and Susanna??–just guessing. thanks for sharing anything


Entry: 8
Name: Judy Dildine
Date : 23 Oct 04

Enjoyed your website. Lots of good information. We are related to the Dildines in TN. Still seeking information.


Entry: 7
Name: Jim Bass
Date : 9/22/2004
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 8:16 PM
Many thanks for the article on Bobby, some of which I had heard…


Entry: 6
Name: jim sliger
Date : august 11,2004


Entry: 5
Name: Tim McLauchlin
Text: Date : 08/11/04

you are great!!


Entry: 4
Name: Amy Jo Greenwood
Date : 8/8/04

Now I can say I know someone famous!


Entry: 3
Name: James R. Van Hattum Sr.
I didnt know what a celebrity I was rubbing shoulders with. You act just like a regular Guy. Its a pleasure being your friend. Jim Van Hattum


Entry: 2
Name: Dawn Frasher
Date: 2004
My husband is James L. Frasher. Ona Allen (Roberts) is his great-grandmother. George and Nancy (Greenwood) are her grandparents. I was doing a little research for fun and found your site. It was very interesting and helpful. Thank You.


Entry: 1
Name: Admin.
Date : 8/7/2004

Welcome to the Official Website of Bobby Greenwood, PGA, and thank you for stopping by… Have a nice day!

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